At Cronos, we provide consultancy services to the construction industry. We specialise in the core factors that provide the foundations of safe, cost-effective, and conformant delivery for new build and refurbishment projects, as well as longer-term maintenance.

Many of the projects we work on are either existing buildings that need to be brought up to current fire safety specification or are new builds, ready to be handed over but aspects of the construction fail to meet the continually changing legislation. Examples include walls and ceilings constructed incorrectly and fire strategies not adhered to.

At Cronos Counsltancy, we specialise in assessing existing and new projects, and offer a range of services to take these projects forward to where they need to be. These services include management, labour supply, audits and cost value engineering.

What Makes Us Different

What makes us different from other consultancy services is how we focus on working together, dedicating our time to overcoming any challenges rather than creating them.

As a result of this dedication and our experience in the industry, we can provide the appropriate skilled labour, materials and management to achieve the desired outcome.

Typical Projects Include:

  • Residential Properties

    Existing and new build projects

  • Care Homes

    Existing and new build projects

  • Work Space Living

    Conversions and refurbishmants

  • Interior Shop Fitting & Light Demolition

    Management and labour services

Scenarios that Benefit From Our Services

From our experience working within the Construction Industry and having worked with Main Contractors, Sub Contractors, as individual tradesmen and Freelance Manager Consultants, we come across the same issues time and time again.

  • Projects that are not run sequentially from the start, with no programme in place or the programmes are not being achieved due to poor management.

  • Projects that haemorrhage money due to delay costs and the poor management of materials both onsite or being ordered to the site. These situations would frequently benefit from our Value Engineering service.

  • Existing buildings and occasionally new projects that are not constructed as per specification with drawings indicating the wrong materials for use and materials not being correctly installed.

  • Buildings up to a decade old where the warranties and insurances are not being renewed because they were constructed pre-Grenfell, do not comply with new post-Grenfell guidance and legislation.

  • Projects where Sub Contractors or the Main Contractor have gone into administration due to COVID or other financial implications and need services such as tradesman or skilled management to complete the project in line with the agreed programmes and save further delay costs.

Our Core Services

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Passive fire protection and fire strategy conformity

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Project management services

Value engineering & cost saving

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Interior strip out, fit out and labour supply services

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Cronos Consultancy Ltd - Trusted and accredited for your safety

Ciob Accreditation
Ifc Accreditation
Iosh Accreditation
Constructiononline Accreditation
Asfp Accreditation
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